About Us

Education is the basic need of any community and our Muslim community lacks the most in this very important sector. To overcome this barrier and for the overall development of our Muslim community of the locality, we commenced the trust named “Ittefaque Education Trust” in 1976. The first step towards the noble cause was to set up a High School for our community. Hence we started our premier institute Tamir-E-Hayat High school (Now S.D.Pathan High school) in 1977 in a hired building.

Initially we did not have any financial assistance but this barrier was overcome by contribution of some of our own money as well as some were collected by door to door collection from generous Muslim people of the locality.

It was a time in 1977 where most of the Muslim people were not so aware about education so the other daunting task was to spread awareness among the youth as well as their parents. We overcame this hurdle by going door to door to spread awareness and motivate people for education.

The route towards the success of our institute had many challenges but we grew up facing immense competition with the other non - Muslim institutes and developed into one of the most result oriented and well known institute in the locality.

As we grew up and developed into a flourished institute the existing infrastructure was not sufficient. With the help of a generous financial assistance of a Muslim NRI Donor - Dr. Bashirkhan D Pathan (USA) we were able to construct our own building and started operating from the same in year 2004.

All the grand success was achieved owing to the result of hard work of the trust body and with support and prayers of local Muslim Community.

Trust Details

Registration Details
Registration No. E-1407/ANAND
Registered Since 1976
Registered Under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950
No. Of Trustees 18
FCRA Registration No. 042040084
Our Pioneer
  • Marhum Haji Tasverali Shaikh (widely known as T.M.Shaikh) being an educationalist by profession and a deep thinker about the development of Education in our community, was our pioneer and one of the main founder member of our Trust. He was also concerned about girls education and emphasized on Educating girls of our community . He believed that "Educating a boy is educating a single generation while educating a girls is educating 3 generations !!! "

Trustee Details

Trustee Name Designation Occupation
Shaikh Taherali Manavarali President Retired Sales Tax Officer
Shekh Mohmadayaz Zakirali Secretary Executive - Materials Management
Memon Josabbhai Usmanbhai Trustee Businessman
Shaikh Gulamahmed Mustufamiya Trustee Businessman
Shaikh Sarfarazali Manavarali Trustee Former Municipal Councillor
Saiyed Mukarram Hussain Saiyedumiya Trustee Retired Govt. Officer
Shaikh Mahiyuddin Sadudin Trustee Businessman
Pathan Mustufakhan Isbullakhan Trustee Lawyer
Saiyed Sikandarali Abedali Trustee Businessman
Shaikh Sajjadali Basirali Trustee Retired Govt. Officer
Saiyed Imtiyazuddin Mahyuddin Trustee Farmer
Shaikh Zahidali Tasavarali Trustee Businessman
Pathan Faiyazkhan Firozkhan Trustee Design Engineer
Vohra Vasimbhai Aiyubbhai Trustee Executive - Sales
Sheikh Irfanali Taherali Trustee Medical Representative
Pathan Aarifkhan Mustufakhan Trustee Farmer
Shaikh Mussaddikali Mahesarali Trustee Businessman
Shaikh Parvezalam Maksudali Trustee Software Engineer
Primary Donor Details

A well known Muslim NRI donor Dr. Basirkhan Pathan donated USD 50000 for the construction of the new building. Post which the school was named after his mother as 'SUGRABIBI DILDARKHAN PATHAN HIGHSCHOOL '. He finds his root in a well known family of our city and is currently settled in USA.

Co-Founders (Who have passed away)

Trustee Name Designation
Marhum Vahora Sultanbhai Jamalbhai Ex - Managing Trustee
Marhum Saiyed Mohammad Safi Pirsabmiya Ex - Managing Trustee
Marhum Shaikh Tasverali Manavarali Ex - President
Marhum Shaikh Nazirali Basirali Ex - Trustee
Marhum Saiyed Maiyuddin Abeddin Ex - Trustee
Marhum Saiyed Mustakali Amirali Ex - Trustee
Marhum Malek Gulamhussain Rahimuddin Ex - Trustee
Marhum Shaikh Mustakimmoddin Nabimiya Ex - Trustee
Marhum Vahora Ibrahimbhai Gafurbhai Ex - Trustee
Marhum Pathan Razzak Khan Mohammed Khan Ex - Trustee